Problem-solving why 150 people did not thank a teacher!

56j I am currently sitting on the train on my way home from Melbourne and I’m wondering what went Wrong. I set a challenge for you to get 150 people in the school to thank a teacher and we only got 65. What happened? My assumption is you didn’t use any power of persuasion. Did you entice people on to the blog? Did you pitch the importance? Tomorrow we will reflect in a lesson of persuasion and what happens if you were really passionate about something and the message didn’t get out there? How can we fix the failure?


  One thought on “Problem-solving why 150 people did not thank a teacher!

  1. Josh
    March 14, 2013 at 3:36 am

    Mr Price has helped me with very strong words that Ive never seen before.
    He has helped me with a lot of hard maths problems.
    Mr Price has also helped me with my reading.
    Mr Price has inspired me to stay strong and be confident.

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