The Best Smilebox So Far: Check Out The Senior Unit Values And Identity Expo

Multicultural Australia through the Eyes of 100 Liddiard Rd Primary School Students.

Each term the Senior students of Liddiard rd Primary study a Major Unit of Work. This term our theme was Values and Identities: Multicultural Australia. Last Friday 28th March the students stood proud as they showcased their work to the teachers, students and parents of our school community. Please watch and be amazed at their great work.


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  One thought on “The Best Smilebox So Far: Check Out The Senior Unit Values And Identity Expo

  1. March 31, 2013 at 12:16 am

    That day was so exhausting I swear, when I got I just fell onto my bed. My legs from walking around all day got myself weak and I was walking as slow as a turtle when I was walking home. 🙁
    That day was the best day I have had so far in Inquiry this term . I did walk around a fare bit to check on my other team mates. It was also a excuse to get out of doing my prezi. Sorry for that but I was really stuck on my prezi. I had to get help from teachers and that didn’t help at all. I didn’t know how to add most of the features onto the prezi like frames, pictures. Its important to know how to do text and I learnt how to do that by accentually clicking on a random spot on my prezi. I have completely forgot how to use the program prezi. Luckily I do now.
    Anyway I think this term’s inquiry was the most creative and unique because we got to spread our creativity over a peace of wood about multicultural Australia. Some groups had decent ideas that I couldn’t help but copy. The distractions in my group were half of the cause of why we didn’t get painting as fast as we usually do when we work by ourselves. I was sort of a distraction too that I admit but I am still focused.

  2. Ashton
    April 1, 2013 at 12:39 am

    I think that this smile box is GREAT! It has lots of detail in it and great imformation about inquiry day! Well, in my opinion I think that there is nothing rong with this smile box and I think that 5/6J and the unit should be REALLY proud! 🙂 🙂 I think the pictures come out great and who ever looks at it should he very thankful for what we have done!

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