Welcome Back 5/6J to Term 2 – 2013

While You have been on Holidays

While you were all on holidays many things have been happening around the world. The students in Taiwan have placed photos and introductions to our ‘Finish this Book’ Wiki. Mrs Joyce has secured our next China Project which we will work closely on as we learn about OWI’s.

Mrs Joyce has began following many new blogs such as iEARN- USA which posts new material for us to explore on our blog. 

Annie Fore and her students in France have requested a category on our Blog how SUPER exciting. We can not visit so many great things they are doing in their classroom. Annie Flores students are very good at making videos we need to watch them and learn, so we can make some to share with them.

On your first day back I would like you to reflect on the following video:

What do you observe?

What Questions do you have?

Why do you think Worldbank made this video?


  One thought on “Welcome Back 5/6J to Term 2 – 2013

  1. Ashton
    April 16, 2013 at 7:25 am

    Today you know that we watched this video, well I thought that it was very descriptive and made common sense! In my opinion I think that it is definately true that kids don’t go to school! I also think that kids don’t go to school because they aren’t bothered to go and they maybe, they don’t want jobs when they are older! It doesn’t bother me because it is their choice to do it, not mine! But I still think it is a good Idea and a good choice to go to school because school is like a safety house! 🙂

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