Update on Our Kanga in Taiwan

Mr Tu continues to keep us update with Kanga’s travels

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  One thought on “Update on Our Kanga in Taiwan

  1. May 22, 2013 at 10:41 am

    Wow mrs Joyce they have been keeping kana busy going around Taiwan. It is great to see that he is in such great health and that he is getting looks after very well. I hope kanga enjoys all of his stay at Taiwan with everyone.

  2. Ashton
    May 23, 2013 at 4:54 am

    it looks like Kanga was having SO much fun while he was with you! I would love to ansawer a quetion to you because I have been dieing to say this to you. Where were you guys because I thought you were at carnival or a show because of that big sign that the lovely Kanga was standing in front of! I would be so shocked if I was right but just to make shore could you please ansawer my question! But anyways, the good thing is that Kanga had fun……hopefully…….. Na I was just jokeing I know it was fun for Kanga!

  3. May 23, 2013 at 4:56 am

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    This our Kangaroo in Taiwan.He seems to be having so much fun!

  4. May 23, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Reblogged this on Rennae's Blog and commented:
    Taiwan has been keeping us updated while kanga is over there. It is good to see him nice and having fun. Here are some photos of kanga.

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