My Hero – Global iEARN Learning Circle Project

Here are our Global Friends who we will collaborate with for our Learning Circle project this term. I am so excited that we will collaborate with new schools in different countries.

Wendy Jewell, the Coordinator of My Hero Learning Circles, will be your group facilitator for this Elementary Circle. At the same time please remember, Learning Circles are participant-managed — that means you all share the responsibility for the management and success of this Circle.

Teachers —- Country (“+” marks facilitators)


+Wendy Jewell —– Ontario, Canada

Luminita Agiurgioaiei —– Constanta, Romania

Denise Colby —— Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kelly HSIEH —– Taichung City. Taiwan

Natalia Johansson —– Östersund, Jämtland, Sweden

Bronwyn Joyce —– Traralgon, Victoria, Australia

Kathryn Zimmerman —– Mokane, Missouri, United States


  One thought on “My Hero – Global iEARN Learning Circle Project

  1. Holly
    October 6, 2014 at 8:31 am

    Hi Mrs Joyce,
    Cathy Freeman- slade point, Brisban, Australia
    she was an Australian she was an gold medalist in the olimpic games for the 400m sprint in the year 2000 and she got gold for the world championships in 1999 and 1997 for the 400m sprint as well. She has represented Australia in 16 teams, at 5 World championships, 3 Olympics, 3 Commonwealths, 2 World Juniors, 2 World Indoors, and 1 World Cup. She has received 13 medals in International Competitions, 7 of which have been gold. She has set 9 Australian open records and is the Commonwealth 400m record holder. On the World All-time lists she sits 6th in the 400m and 13th in the 4x400m.cathy freeman is an aboriginal and is a hero across Australia 🙂

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