Jane Chadsey (Seattle, Washington) – Vice President Of educurious.org (Learning that Connects) Visits Our Global Classroom

4J Welcome Jane Chadsey to our classroom

Mrs Joyce is very lucky to have a great friend who supports all her teaching adventures. Mrs Whitehead used to be a teacher at Liddiard Rd and also Mrs Joyce’s mentor teacher. Today, Mrs Whitehead brought a visitor from Seattle, Washington to our classroom. We were lo lucky to have Jane Chadsey look at our inquiry work and listen to the learning of the 4J and 4B students. We have been learning about the global water crisis and students are investigating calls of action timage imageo help others less fortunate than themselves.

Jane is part of a fabulous non profit organistion called Educurious – http://educurious.com she supports learning that connects. We thank Jane for visiting our classroom and hopefully Mrs Joyce will keep in touch and learn more great things for her classroom from the educurious team.


  One thought on “Jane Chadsey (Seattle, Washington) – Vice President Of educurious.org (Learning that Connects) Visits Our Global Classroom

  1. October 20, 2014 at 8:09 am

    Hello there Mrs. Joyce, 4J and 4B students! It was amazing to hear about the important work you are doing at Liddiard Road Primary School. You are taking on the big questions of the world. Thank you for your global citizenship. I hope many other American educators will be able visit your classroom to see how young people can learn in meaningful and inspiring ways. Thank you for your warm welcome. I’ll be a regular visitor to your website so I can keep up with your important work.

  2. terry700
    October 20, 2014 at 8:12 am

    Hi 4B and 4J students and Mrs. Joyce,

    I’m Jane’s husband, Terry. I wasn’t able to visit your classroom with Jane today but after hearing about your inquiries about water, I wanted you to know about this Seattle based non-profit:
    Their mission is “We clean water for kids” and their website is full of stories and resources that may be useful to your study.

    Thanks for welcoming Jane and for your important work in the world.

    Terry Chadsey
    Executive Director
    Center for Courage & Renewal

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