Hello From Mrs Joyce – Voicethread Task

Hello From A Voiceless Mrs Joyce

Hello 4J,

I’m sorry I am not at school today but I actually have no voice. Yesterday, if you remember I wasn’t feeling very well. I went home and had a big sleep. When I woke up my voice was gone. Leave me a message on the blog about how your day has been so far. I really don’t like missing any chance to teach you guys and lastly, the chocolate challenge will be presented Monday 😃

If Maths rotations are cancelled I have a task for you that you will love.

Using voicethread I would like you to prepare a presentation about one of the states of Australia. This will be shared with Mrs Bickley’s class in Canada. 

You must include:

* Images of important Landmarks in the state.

* Images of the Capital City

image* An image of a school in the state

* An image of a river or lake in the State. 

In total you must have 10 images or more. We will record our voices next week, so make you sure you type in a sentence using the text button about each image.

Lastly, remember your Voicethread log in is:

Your first name, last initial and 4j @ourglobalclassroom.ed.voicethread.com

The following people will explore images from the following states:

Victoria – Nick, Deegan, Jordan, Jenifer, Max, Andrew

Northern Territory – Alex, Holly, Emmi

New South Wales – Kane, Emily B, Charli 

South Australia – Kaiden, Leah, Em R

imageWestern Australia – Cara, Abbie, Danielle

Queensland – Regan, Harry, James

ACT (Australian Capital Territory) – Braiden, Liam 

Have a great day


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