This Weeks Chocolate Challenge Winners

As the year is drawing to a close I am seeing some great learning happening in the classroom. Some people have really changed their attitude and trying hard to get along with others and try their best at all the work they do.

I would like to congratulate these 3 people:

Andrew Ludbey – since finding a real interest in Pokemon cards Andrew has settled well in class and is really trying hard to get things done to the best of his ability. It is great to see Andrew believing in himself.

Cara Simpson – The class quiet achiever, sometimes Cara’s excellent Active Learner skills can get overlooked because of her ability to work alone. It was great to see Cara get last weeks homework complete.

Kaiden Platt – The class artist, it is great to see Kaiden persist with tasks that he integrates his artistic drawing to. He has been challenged in inquiry, understanding why Mrs Joyce wants him to use his creativity to make his design work.

Well Done to this weeks winners and it is great to see new people stepping up and working hard.



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