Grade 4’s Teach Their Prep Buddies How to Use Voicethread



Today grade 4’s you are going to provide the preps with an opportunity to record their voices in a voicethread. Here are your instructions:

1. Log in to voicethread

2. Have our blog open as well.

3. Go to categories on the blog and select buddies.

4. Have your buddy choose 3 photos to save to the iPad. You will load these into your voicethread. You can choose a welcome picture for your voicethread.

5. Once the photos are loaded to the voicethread. Record your buddy talking about the photo. NO grade 4’s are to record their voice, this is about your buddy.

Here are the 3 sentence starters your buddies must answer and be recorded saying:

* I like buddies because ……..

* My buddy helps me ……..

* Buddies is fun because……….

6. Make sure your buddy is not bored. They must be engaged in all the learning of how voicethread works.

7. Your Voicethread theme is ‘Buddies’ don’t get sidetracked.

8.  Have Funimageimage


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