Maths Money Problem Solving Challenge – Lets Go Shopping

Let’s Go Shopping

It’s Christmas time and we all love to shop. Here is your mission:

You have $1000 to spend, spend it all.

1. You must spend $500 on yourself.

2. You must use $500 to spend on your imaginary family.

– You have a mum and a dad, two sisters (6 years old and 15 Years old) and a brother (18 years old).

3. You can only shop at Kmart and Target

4. You must record all you buy, costs and a running total of your spending.

5. You can not over spend and you can only have less than $5 left over. So, try and spend wisely.

6. Each member of the family must get two gifts each and you must buy at least 10 items for yourself.

Here are the links –

Happy spending



  One thought on “Maths Money Problem Solving Challenge – Lets Go Shopping

  1. November 20, 2014 at 9:02 am

    Hi mrs Joyce šŸ™‚
    Today when you told us what we were doing as soon as you said after the mahs test we were doing the maths shopping I was just like YES šŸ™‚ because I find it really fun and i like having cara as my partner because she Is patient and if you’re writing the name of the thing you’re byeing she’ll just wait until you’re finished or shell just see if there’s any thing she wants.

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