Treated As One – A Poem by A Student

As we prepare for our NAPLAN Testing. Students of 3/4J and Global friends I think this an insightful poem written by a students we all could reflect on.
Tell me what you think of the students poem………

I tell my students to speak boldly, and they do.  Thank you Corinne for letting me share your poem.

Treated As One

1.5, 2.9, 3.4, 4.0

Grade point averages

They define who we are.

People walk around school saying

“I got an A”-4.0

“I have a learning disability”-1.5

“I don’t understand”-2.9

“I’m not good enough”-3.4

People always say “Everyone is different”

Well if everyone is different why do we ALL

have to take the same test?

Why do we have one grading system

for six schools with hundreds of kids.

I know life isn’t always fair but school should be.

Because school is where you practice

It’s where you practice what you’ll later need.

Why is a group of different people

taught in one way?

A way where half of the kids don’t understand,

and then the teachers have to say to their parents

“They don’t put in enough effort”

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