Are Just Teachers to Blame for Boring School?

3/4J as we explore persuasive preparing for NAPLAN next week here is a topic you might want to explore. Teachers sometimes blame themselves for school being boring but is it always their fault. What do you think?

I have tried to change education.  I have tried to re-ignite forgotten curiosity.  I have tried to spread joy when I teach, when student learn, when we go through this experience known as school.  For the past 5 years this has been my mission.  I ask the students.  I build community.  I make it authentic, meaningful, personalized, passion-based, and many other educational buzzwords.  And yet, today, one of my students asked my why no teachers ever made school relevant.   Why school is so boring.  And my shoulders dropped right along with my spirit, but just for a moment.

As I drove home, I kept coming back to the question the student asked, because it is a relevant one, yet I also realized that it is not that we aren’t trying.  Because I am not the only one who spends hours every day trying to change education.  I am not…

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  One thought on “Are Just Teachers to Blame for Boring School?

  1. May 10, 2015 at 9:39 am

    Hi Mrs Joyce, 🙂
    I think that it depends on the student and the teacher ( but you don’t have to worry mrs Joyce you made my education everything 🙂 ) ’cause the students decide wether their going to cooperate , if they don’t well they think it is boring because they don’t want to do it.
    But with you as a teacher I’m sure everybody would want to be apart of ourglobalclassroom. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    From Emmi

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