Building An Itinerary For Mrs Joyce’s Trip To Rio De Janeiro – What Sights Should She See?

Rio De Janeiro 

Mrs Joyce is heading to Brazil for the iEARN International Education Conference in July. On her way to Brasilia where the conference is Mrs Joyce will be stopping for 3 days in Rio. She is feeling very excited about this because there is a very special statue that she really would like to visit.

Can you please prepare an itinerary for Mrs Joyce’s time in Rio? Here is some information you will need.

* Mrs Joyce arrives at her hotel at 4.30pm on Friday afternoon.

* Find something for Mrs Joyce to do from 5 – 11pm on the friday night. Remember she has to eat.

* Mrs Joyce is free all day Saturday. Find a tour package that will allow Mrs Joyce to see the sights of Rio, remember her dream is to see Christ the Redeemer. Don’t forget ideas for lunch and dinner.

* On Sunday Mrs Joyce will need to be at the airport to fly to Brasilia for the conference at 5pm. What can Mrs Joyce do on Sunday from 9am – 4pm in the afternoon?

Points that may help you:

– Plan out the days with time schedules.

– Watch the cost Mrs Joyce is not a millionaire.

– Hint: Mrs Joyce is not a fan of seafood when you are planning her meals.

– Will there be time for Mrs Joyce to see a beach?

– Be careful of the weather. You don’t want Mrs Joyce walking too much if it is hot, she may get cranky.

– Here is a link to Mrs Joyce’s Accommodation

Some helpful websites:

christ christ2


  One thought on “Building An Itinerary For Mrs Joyce’s Trip To Rio De Janeiro – What Sights Should She See?

  1. Peace
    June 2, 2015 at 11:31 am

    Hey Mrs Joyce.

    2:30- arrives at hotel.
    4:00- get settled.
    4:00-9:00- Rio Botanical Gardens. $34:00-per adult.
    9:00-11:00-Dinner at Restaurante Visual where they sell great home-cooked Brazilian food at its the best. $5-8


    6:00am-get ready.
    8:00-6:00- Full day Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain tour. $168 per adult.
    6:00-10:00-Santa Teresa & Selarón Steps Walking Tour $36:00 per adult.
    10-11- Dinner.

    I’ll do Sunday tomorrow

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