This Weeks 100 Word Challenge – Using Our Senses

100 Word Challenge

This week I want you to think about another sense – taste. Just think of all the delicious or unpleasant things we eat. The prompt is:

…but it made my tongue tingle…

Make sure you think about your writing before you publish and really make it as imaginative as you can. Please check your links and your spelling and punctuation.

Check how other students have used this prompt in their writing:



  One thought on “This Weeks 100 Word Challenge – Using Our Senses

  1. Peace
    June 3, 2015 at 8:17 am

    It was my birthday and we were cutting the cake. The cake was beautiful, it had rainbow inside with smooth vanilla icing.
    Mum said we could go to the restaurant and I got to choose where. I decided to go to the Indonesian restaurants because my best friend Nariri is Indonesian. She said Indonesian food is always the best.
    We went to Namaaz Dining where they sell real Indonesian cozine. I was looking forward to this. When they brought out our food, my tummy started turning. Mum said it tasted really good. So I took a spoon of what looked like rice covered with soy sauce. …….But it made my tongue tingle…… it was disgusting vomitrocious all I wanted to do was spit it out!!!

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