Kutoa Classrooms Making A Difference

Providing A Student Voice To Act On Global Issues

Yesterday I messaged the Kutoa Founder Josh Brake and I asked him to clarify something for me, “What inspired you to begin Kutoa Classrooms?’.

Josh has spoken to me and my students about this but I wanted to hear it again, before I shared my passion for Kutoa.

He said –

Kutoa classrooms is an initiative that is true to the organizations DNA. Proposed by educators who loved the being a part of Kutoa personally felt that their students would benefit from doing the same, but as a class. The Kutoa Team rustled up a group of adventurous educators from around the globe and began testing different ways they could engage their students with the concepts of global citizenship, micro-philanthropy and empathy-in-action.

Literally 6-minutes ago I got the following email from one of our Kutoa Teachers, Tom, who is from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada:

“This fall I have a 5/6 class and will be a Kutoa classroom again. Thanks for all the hard work you put into Kutoa. It really helps me to talk about giving and humanitarianism with students. Anything I can help with, let me know.” – Tom

With the first batch of Kutoa curriculum set to be released in September, the initiative has expanded to include this tool that allows educators to expose students to real-time humanitarian issues in an age-appropriate way, participate in giving to sustainable solutions, as well as voting for and promoting their monthly project of choice. The students can even track the impact they are having and see how their efforts match up compared to other classrooms around the globe.

All of the feedback we have received from educators has shown that engaging students in giving is good for everyone involved. Not only has it impacted the way students view the world at large, but also the world that’s just outside their own door.

Kutoa is about people everywhere helping people everywhere, because people everywhere matter.

It’s the golden rule in action and there’s no easier or better place to see this truth take root than in classrooms all around the World.”   


Lets Talk Kutoa!!!!!


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