3/4J and Global Friends Who Is Or Was Your Favourite Teacher – We Don’t Thank Them Enough Listen to Kid President

3/4J I have decided to repost this because we need to think about the people who work with us all to change our lives. We all need to ‘Thank a Teacher’.

Your Favourite Teacher
Lat year 3/4J and Global Friends I had been relaxing and hanging out on blogs around the world. I love reading about others achievements. As I was reading this blog post http://justalittlebitblog.com/2014/06/13/my-favorite-teacher/ I got thinking about how teachers around the world are writing reports, finishing the school year, planning new ideas for their classes and just working hard to make sure all the children of the world are accessing education in a way that it will change their lives. Teachers are the roles models for our children of the future.

We forget sometimes to thank our teachers for the hours they put in after school, the times kids forget their respect and treat them badly, for the dedication they display toward upskilling themselves to keep up with the changing world and for just loving teaching.

I have many teachers that are role models to me and who I am thankful for to them for leading me to be the best teacher I can be. I would like to thank:

‘Mrs Robinson (Leading Teaching and Learning Teacher at Liddiard Rd Traralgon) – many years ago I was privileged to work closely with her on a literacy project. This project changed my teaching for ever. My love for literacy was explored, the opportunities to talk professionally was essential and having someone provide feedback that was vital to me moving my students forward was pivotal. Lately, I have been spoilt again to have Mrs Robinson work with my students and with me to explore a problem I was stumped with in my classroom literacy lessons. She has given me new found confidence and feedback that what I am doing does work. She has helped me explore new possibilities and mostly she has given me an opportunity to talk about my teaching and how we can share our findings with other teachers in the school. Mrs Robinson is a knowledgeable lady whose love of literacy is something that inspires me to keep finding ways to inspire children to read. Thanks Mrs Robinson ‘

Share with us your favourite teacher or Thank an educator that has inspired or changed your life.
We will look forward to finding out about fabulous teachers around the world.

Thank you @EmilyLiebtag for sharing your favourite teacher on our blog recently 

I am from North Carolina in the United States. My favorite teach is Mrs. Martin, because she let us explore and experiment ALL the time. I learned so much from being in her class!


  One thought on “3/4J and Global Friends Who Is Or Was Your Favourite Teacher – We Don’t Thank Them Enough Listen to Kid President

  1. August 18, 2015 at 3:11 am

    Saying THANK YOU and showing appreciation to teachers can never be done enough, can it? Several of my VIF International Education colleagues and I shared a little about our favorite teachers via video back in May. You can check out our messages here: http://on.fb.me/1PiJGSF


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