Thank You Mr Violette ( @CalViolette ) For Posting To Our Blog – We Love Your Global School

Mr Violette Posts to OurGlobalClassroom – 3/4J and Mrs Joyce can not believe their eyes.

Having a blog to connect students to the world has been an exciting journey. Over the past 2 years Mrs Joyce has been able to share her classroom with educators and students from many many countries around the world. She feels so proud when global friends leave us messages. 

3/4J we learnt so much about ourselves and our classroom by watching the video about Grays Creek Elementary School. They do many things like us here in Australia. When Mr Violette placed a comment on our blog Mrs Joyce almost fainted. It was such an honour. Hopefully we can learn from Mr Violette and his teachers as we continue our global learning journey. We have many things we could teach them such as our knowledge of Camp Zaartari, Joel Bergners great artwork, our writing about the girl in Gaza and especially everything you know about Rio De Janiero. Here is Mr Violette’s message to us if you did not see it. Read it, share it with your parents.

“Good morning to all of my friends over in Australia! I hope that you enjoyed watching the video about our school and seeing different ways that we are trying to create global citizens. Your comments were very interesting to read. We really are very much alike don’t you think? Our students and staff enjoy learning about the world outside of the United States and Australia has always been one of our favorites. You have so man interesting animals to study and your homeland provides differences across your country much like ours. Continue to do well in your studies and hopefully we can connect with your class in the future. Mr. Violette”

Check out their school website:

Gray’s Creek Elementary School enters its seventh year as a Passport Model School. During the 2015-2016 school year we will focus on preparing our students for the global age by “Making Connections with a Global Perspective”. As a Passport Model School we will integrate our international themes across all disciplines in the North Carolina Course of Study through; World Languages, Regional Focus by grade levels, Visiting International Faculty, Professional Development, and International Resources. .

grays2  grays3


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