This Months Theme – Helping The Oppressed

This Months Theme – Helping The Oppressed
Hi Everyone,

I can see registrations are starting to come in from around the world. Lets look at this months Theme – Helping The Oppressed.

I would like students to think about what these words mean and how we can help those that are oppressed.

Kutoa have selected the International Justice Mission as the Month of September. This months theme is quite controversial for our Junior Students but teachers can talk with their class about this fact ‘By 2020, 1.5 billion of the world’s poor will live without secure rights to their homes and property’.

Over the next few weeks I would encourage teachers to explore the theme and upload student comments, videos or photos of writing to the forum, the oneworld blog ( ) or the edmodo discussion board. Have them reflect on these questions:

What would your town be like if there was no justice system?

What if you at a young age were not able to go to school and had to work long hours everyday day?

How can we help people to feel protected?

I am looking forward to reading studend repsonses and discussions around how we can help people to feel safe.

Kind regards

Bronwyn Joyce



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