Recording Mental Images From A Text Lesson @viflearn @edcampglobal #education #reading

Recording Mental Images From A Text Lesson

Today students were exposed to the text Charlottes Web by E B White. We did not need to read the whole book today because were learning about how we can prepare mental images in our mind as we read. Charlottes Web is a book full of description and an excellent choice to get students visualising.

Students were read a passage of the book describing the barn.

read9 read10

After reading we talked about the things we could remember the writer telling us about the barn. By brainstorming the students we were able to prepare a chart for the students to prompt their thoughts.


Students were introduced to the template and we talked about barns. What they look like? Who uses them? Where you find them? What colour they are? Students then applied this thinking to the barn in the story.


We then looked in google images, to see if we could get some ideas of barns, after we had began our work. Students were captivated by what we found and what defined old.

read7 read8

The learning from this lesson was outstanding.

read1 read2 read3 read4


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