Informational Report Writing Prompt

We are going to use the images below to unpack a writing seed on lions in preparation for an information report.

When you unpack a seed you will need to think about the classification, appearance, habitat and behaviour.

After your seed you will need to write a draft that has an introduction/classification (explains what your topic is), body/description (appearance, behaviour and habitat) and conclusion (a personal comment or important piece of information that has not yet been written).

Classification – What is a lion?

lion1 lion2 lion3


lion4 lion5 lion6


beh1 beh2 beh3 beh4 beh5


hab1 hab2 hab3


con1 con2

Remember to:

Write in sentences (use capital letters and full stops correctly).
Write in paragraphs.
Think about your spelling and use spelling strategies to help you spell difficult words.
Try and use some adjectives and technical words to make your writing more interesting.

Some of you may get the chance to publish your work.



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