Befriend A Child In Detention Community Project @MicheleMacumber @viflearn @room_ten @strat_class

Befriend A Child In Detention Community Project

We we watch all over the world the Syrian Refugee Crisis unfold before our eyes. Lets think of the children who are in the middle of this crisis.

Take a moment to show your class this video about children in detention linked to families trying to relocate to Australia. Many questions and emotions build up within as we think about children misses out on education, losing family members, being locked up like they have done something wrong.

Befriending a child in detention is a way classes can put a smile on a child’s face.


“Whilst our obvious moral responsibility is towards children in detention in places like Nauru, we are also sensitive to the global reality of children seeking asylum and children placed in detention in other parts of the world.
Our hearts ache as we see what is happening in places like Syria, Iraq and upon the Mediterranean Sea in recent days.
Awareness of the vulnerability of children in places beyond Australia enhances our commitment to doing our best for those children who are our specific responsibility. Moreover, if and when our care for children is exemplary, we will be better able to encourage other nations to improve their care, too.
The global dimension of this bleak start to life for many, many children in detention means we must do our best now for those whose fate we can improve“.

Bishop Phillip Huggins



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