Answers Arrive From New Zealand For Jazi’s Questions

Thank You Room Three – Auroa Primary School Taranaki, New Zealand

3/4J and especially Jazi. Here are the answers to your questions about New Zealand. Jazi you can now use these answers to work on your project about your country of choice New Zealand.

Room Three has a blog that you all need to check out. Here is the address:

Jazi the most exciting thing is this presentation. Click on the link and see all the answers you need.


  One thought on “Answers Arrive From New Zealand For Jazi’s Questions

  1. Holly
    December 28, 2015 at 11:12 pm

    Hi Mrs Joyce,
    On our first day after we had go to Sydney we took a shuttle bus to the Carnaval cruise ship and then we had to check in it takes quite a while. But when you get on the Carnaval bus from the airport to the ship you get checked into the boat already except it costs more but still I would recommend that.

    As soon as you get on the boat you get a card and you should keep it with you at all times because it is your door key and it is the only thing that you can use to pay with on the boat also when you get on and off the ship you have to push it into this machine that show a picture of you and show the security if it is actually you.

    The ship is amazing all the food is free but drinks do cost apart from there is actually on deck nine were you can go to eat or you can go to deck 2 or 3 there are places where you can shop we got really nice pandora bracelets there and there’s a souvenir shop a lollie shop and plenty more.

    The islands were absolutely fantastic and if you were some of the first people off the locals give you weaved hats and head bands.
    On Vanuatu all the taxi drivers come to the fence it’s quite scary actually but there are army men there to keep them on the other side. But don’t worry there’s only 3 people there that advertise for them. On Vanuatu we went swimming with turtles and he turtles would go up to you and let you ride them.

    As I said the boat and islands are amazing you will love it.

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