Students Prepare Wonderings About Cultural Diversity In Australia

Cultural Diversity


Why do we celebrate other peoples cultures?

Why do people visit Australia?

Why do some refugees get sent home?

How do people in Australia make refugees feel welcome?

How do we teach the english language to new immigrants?

Why are some Australians racist?

Why are is Australia war free?

How can we persuade other countries to become multicultural?

Why do we have refugees entering Australia?

Why do have different food and clothing representing different cultures?

How can different cultures teach us?

How do refugees come to Australia?

Why do we have different cultures in Australia?

Why do Australia cook using a BBQ?

How do we help other cultures?

Why do we celebrate Chinese New Year if we are not Chinese?

Why di we eat different foods than other cultures?

How do we make new immigrants feel welcome to our country?

How is the Government helping syrian refugees?

How can we persuade the government to allow refugees to come to our country?








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