3/4J @JoySunBear Received Your Messages

Mrs Joyce Received A Special Email. Take A Look:

Hello Joyce!

We were so thrilled to receive so many amazing messages from your students about Joy Sun Bear and our website! This is why we do what we do, knowing we are making a positive difference in children’s lives and helping them enjoy learning and connecting with other cultures. We have a special treat for your class-Joy Sun Bear has written a special blog dedicated to you and your wonderful class! It is on our website and I will be sharing it on social media as well. We have also included your website on the blog to build awareness of the great things you are doing. Hope you enjoy, we would love to hear your reactions! 🙂


Thank you for all your support! We are in the process of writing a children’s book about Joy Sun Bear and his adventures around the world (the first of many in a series!) We hope it will be out in a few months, but can’t wait to have it out in the world. Your support means the world to us and will help us spread the word and help this dream of ours come to life! The more people connect with us, follow us and learn, the more success we will have and can do more for the world! So excited and hope to share more with your students in the future!

Best Always,
Shearin Lee and the Joy Sun Bear Family

Joy Sun Bear Has Sent Some Fabulous Pictures For You

These pictures are extra special because they have been hand drawn. We are really lucky. Mrs Joyce is hoping she can print the pictures for you to colour.



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