Ss Have Their First Spanish Lesson For The Year With The Magnificent Kati_Varela

Hola! from 3/4J

Today 3/4J participated in their first Spanish lesson for the year. We are so lucky to connect with a talented teacher like Ms Varela. Ms Varela lives in Sydney and teaches 3 days a weeks as well as being a busy mum and wife. Ms Varela gives her time up to teach 3/4J and we can not be so thankful for her time and dedication.

Today I watched a room of children captivated. They have taken home the following information to show and teach their parents. We have decided that we will be talking most of the time in Spanish, so the roll in the morning will always be in Spanish for example.

I think this years grade is looking to very talented and I think with Ms Varela’s help we will be able to skype with possible grades in Argentina or other Spanish speaking countries.

Here is some of what we learnt today.

Muchas Gracias Ms Varela we can not wait until next term when our lessons will truly begin.




  One thought on “Ss Have Their First Spanish Lesson For The Year With The Magnificent Kati_Varela

  1. Kati Varela
    March 22, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    ¡Hola chicos!

    I was also so happy to meet you all!

    I have now prepared a summary of what we did on our first lesson and have sent it to your teacher Mrs Joyce.

    Have a great holiday and see you next term for sure.

    Profesora Varela (this is how you address teachers in Spanish)

  2. kati varela
    March 22, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    This is the Google Doc where I will be putting the words and expressions we do each lesson. That way I can easily add to it and you will always have access


    Clases de español 3/4J 2016 ¡Hola chicos! This is a summary of what we have been learning in Spanish. I will keep adding to it after each lesson… SPANISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION Hola Hello ¿Cómo estás? How are you? Bien Good / well Más o menos So so / not so well Mal Bad / not well ¿Y tú? …

    I will be adding the sound soon.

    Hasta pronto (see you soon)



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