My Brother, My Hero

Today 3/4J I would like to introduce you to my hero. His name is Andrew and he is my brother. Andrew spoke to the students of Liddiard Rd PS by phone from Sydney many years ago as he was able to board a plane to fly to Afghanistan and fight a war with the Australian Army.

Andrew has been awarded many medals for his work in the Army. Unfortunately Andrew is now suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and is an army hospital in Melbourne. He is one of the heroes we think of on ANZAC Day. Here are some pictures of Andrew’s medals.

What message would you like to send to a solider or even to Andrew?

Here is my message:
The biggest hero in my life is my brother. He has the most beautiful soul and the kindest heart. His number one love was serving his country as a member of the Australian Army. He is one of these young veterans, after being deployed to war twice in his time serving. He is battling PTSD. He never asks for anything and battles in silence due to his immense pride.
Currently Andrew is in hospital in Ward 17 at the Repatriation Hospital in Melbourne, he is surrounded by many heroes and he has been there for a long visit this time.
He loves his family more than life itself. Getting leave from hospital to attend my Taylah’s 21st a couple of weeks ago. Him walking in the room was the highlight of the night and I just wanted to sit and hug him all night and never let him go.
We all have our own problems, many of us deal with them in silence but it is people like Andrew that make me so proud to have him as my brother and to be an Australian. Never dismiss PTSD it is a heartbreaking illness.
Dear brother you are my hero and I love you more than any words can ever explain xxx

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