Who Said Grade 3/4’s Can’t Prepare Amazing Inquiry Questions – Take A Look!


Nyamal and Nakieesha – How can we stop deforestation endangering animals?

Sharhna and Tarlee – How do introduced species change the natural environment causing species to become endangered?

Mal and Sarah – How is pollution causing animals to become endangered?

Caitlin and Tyrone – How does poaching and the blackmarket effect species survival?

Bailey and Dominic – How can we stop people from poaching tigers?

Goanar and Bella– Why do introduced make native species endangered?

Nanjera and Siya – How can we stop people hunting and killing endangered animals?

Lachie and Byron – Why do people poach endangered animals?

Tahlia and Olivia – How can scientists find a cure for the disease that is making the Tasmanian Devil endangered?

Emma and Tyson – How can we stop introduced species causing endangerment to species?

Matty and Owen – Why are gorillas becoming endangered?

Jimmy and Brandon – How can we persuade the government to make deforestation, causing endangerment illegal?

Amelia and Olivia – Why do people need to sell animal parts on the blackmarket?

Betty and Max – How can we stop people from poaching animals?

Arizona and Larissa – How does pollution effect species and their habitat?

Makiala and Isis – Why are people destroying species habitats?

Deegan, Travis and Jimiom – How does deforestation impact the habitat of tigers?

Lavender-May and Morgan – Why do introduced species come to Australia causing endangerment to our animals?

Jay-de and Jade – Why does the world need a blackmarket where people can sell animal parts?

Yewande and Davik -How does scientists decide on an introduced species? and How can west these species causing endangerment?

Ayuen and Mitchell – How can we cure the disease that the Tasmanian Devil carries?

Angela and Shakayla – How can we stop the Rhino from being poached?

Liam and Dylan – How can we educate people against poaching?

Makenzie and Tori – How does deforestation cause endangerment of animals?







  One thought on “Who Said Grade 3/4’s Can’t Prepare Amazing Inquiry Questions – Take A Look!

  1. May 10, 2016 at 5:23 am

    Hi Mrs Joyce, and Co.
    Awesome questions!! I hope your inquiry goes well!😀

  2. Mrs Kamphuis
    May 12, 2016 at 2:59 am

    Wow! Grade 3/4J my wonderful hosts last week – you guys have done an amazing job! I continue to be astonished by the fantastic level of work you guys are doing with inquiry. Well done!
    PS I’m telling my friends and teachers at uni about your global classroom and what a great resource it is!

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