Joy Sun Bear Needs Our Help #JoySunBear #globaled

3/4J we have received a personal message from Joy Sun Bear and he needs our help.

Take a look:

Hi Mrs. Joyce! We are writing a spanish magazine to see if they will include us on their website and wanted to ask if you could kindly send a quote on what you love about our website and blogs? If you can send it in the next couple days, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, and cant wait to see your kids’ coloring pages of Swaziland and see how they like our blog for them! 🙂

Today you re going to write a reflection about all the great things the Joy Sun bear Blog brings to our classroom. We will brainstorm ideas and I will give you some sentence starters.



  One thought on “Joy Sun Bear Needs Our Help #JoySunBear #globaled

  1. May 21, 2016 at 1:56 am

    Hi Mrs. Joyce and 3/4J!! Thanks so much for your awesome letters about how much you love my website and travels! I get so excited every time I hear from you and I have to tell you, your class motivates me to keep traveling and share the world with kids!! 😊 Thanks for inspiring me and all your encouragement!

    I do have a favor to ask you? I have received so many great messages and drawings but haven’t seen your entire class together. Mrs. Joyce, would you please take a group picture of your class with their finished Swaziland coloring pages and send to me next week? I would love to share with my friends around the world and see all your smiling faces.😊 If there is a way Mrs. Joyce can be in the picture too, that would be awesome!

    Don’t miss my blog next week where I attend the Bushfire Festival here in Swaziland and share some great pictures and videos with you! Have a great weekend friends and let me know if you end up trying the Mancala game I mentioned in my blog this week. I am having a blast playing it here with my new friends Itembe and Qiyana.😊

    Sala kahle everyone!
    Joy Sun Bear

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