We Love Getting Personal Messages From Our BFF Global Friend @JoySunBear

We love getting message from our very best global friend Joy Sun Bear. Take a look 3/4J at his kind words and don’t forget to check out the last post of this month on how you could help people living in Swaziland.

Wow, you kids are amazing! I love how you are all working together to help the world in so many different ways!! Change starts with each of us and each small step helps make bigger things happen-like a ripple effect. Kudos to Mrs. Joyce and 3/4J for being caring and proactive global citizens!!

Check out my last blog of each month where I also talk about ways of helping the country I am visiting. I sometimes feel like I am just a little bear cub and my efforts won’t do much. But now, after seeing how much I am helping by sharing my adventures with you and other kids around the world, I realize that EVERYONE no matter how big or small can make a difference. You guys rock!! 🙂

Joy Sun Bear



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