The Best Gift A Young Digger Who Has PTSD Can Receive Is A Service Dog – Meet Daisy #youngdiggers #education #precious

Andrew Would Like You To Meet Daisy

3/4J I have some really exciting news for you. Yesterday I travelled to Boolarra to visit Andrew and I met his new special friend Daisy. I can’t wait for you to meet her.

I passed on your invitation for Andrew to visit our end of term Expo. Andrew thinks this will be the right time to bring Daisy to visit us. Daisy is still in training at the moment and is learning many ways to help Andrew when he is feeling unwell. She is so smart, she sits and shakes hands and listens to everything Andrew says. She really is a very special friend to help him. Already yesterday I could see a spark in Andrews face, that Daisy has brought to him in only the short time she has been with him.

I thought you might like to learn more about the Young Diggers so I have added the link to the young diggers website.

andrew1 andrew2 andrew3


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