Reading:Celebration | Playing For Change | Songs Around The World #connectingclassrooms

3/4J I know how much you have loved talking to the authors of lyrics that touch our hearts. The lyrics make us think deeply.

Over the weekend as I look for new ideas for you. I stumbled upon a fabulous organisation that connects the world through music. Today we will look at a the lyrics of Kool & The Gangs song ‘Celebration’. I’m sure a lot of you may have heard the song. The special things about this song is that it is sung by children around the world.

Lets take a look:


Today we are not going to unpack the lyrics. Today we are going to read deeply into the media.

In your reading response books I would like you to respond in the following way, using sentence starters.

* The world should celebrate because ……..
* Children are the worlds hope for the future because…..
* If I could change something in the world it would be…….
* I wonder……
* The message of the video is…….band


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