Mrs Joyce Skypes with @EvinSchwartz About Global Connections #globaledchat

3/4J last night Mrs Joyce had an amazing opportunity to skype in the USA (New York – I know amazing!!) to take with a man who is working toward finding a way you can interact with classrooms around the world freely.

You know me I told him all about our classroom and the great stuff you know and learn about. He reads the Our Global Classroom regularly and really likes the work we do learning about the world.

Mrs Joyce has put our name forward to be part of a project where we will get profiles and you will be about to get help with homework, classroom tasks and share Australia with children and their classrooms all over the world. It is an awesome opportunity.

Over the holidays Mrs Joyce will learn all about the project and set up ready to begin first week back in Term 3. How exciting. Any questions you have please post them as a comment and we can see if Evin can answer them for us.

I would like to introduce you to Evin Schwartz:

Evin is based in New York and has been involved in the startup/tech industry for the past nine years, with a heavy focus on building companies that have a positive social impact. He recently launched a new company called Belouga that is a web based platform aimed at connecting students to different cultures throughout the world.

He is currently running a pilot program with schools in Canada, Sweden and Kenya and will be looking to get on board additional schools to participate in this program or for our public launch in August (based on school schedules and breaks). 



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