Sneaky Resources For @JoySunBear Day

Wednesday 15th June has been named Joy Sun Bear Day in 3/4J’s Classroom, Australia

The class have passports and they are going to be boarding many planes from Australia to visit many countries and hopefully meet up with Joy Sun Bear in Iceland. Our classroom felt like Iceland today as it has been freezing here in Eastern Australia.

3/4J will be dressing up as Joy Sun Bear, something from one of the countries or in the colours from the countries flags, Mrs Joyce can’t wait to be surprised when the students arrive.

Through out the day the class will learn about different cultures and enjoy travelling just as much as Mrs Joyce when she gets the opportunities.

I wonder which country the plane will take us to first:

Maybe Sumatra –!Celebrate-with-Joy-and-a-Wayang-Puppet/c1jix/569dbadb0cf2ca1e5ff58471

Maybe China to celebrate Chinese New Year –!Happy-Chinese-New-Year/c1jix/56b8253a0cf2fd311cd9ff26

Maybe Iran –!Happy-Nowruz-Persian-New-Year/c1jix/56e782270cf2d686649ae35e

Maybe Japan –!Blossoms-Beauty-and-Buddhism/c1jix/570a84580cf2e66d024a03f0

Maybe Swaziland or

Maybe we might end up is Iceland (which Mrs Joyce wouldn’t mind at all) –




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