Inquiry:Amazing Student Generated Wonderings About Education Around The World #globaled #education

As part of our Term 3 Inquiry Focus – Education Around The World students were to prepare wondering based the first three weeks of tune in. The students have prepared deep, open ended questions that one of these may form the basis for their inquiry investigation. 

Take a look there are so many wonderings that will make up our WonderWall:

Why are some schools so far away from student homes, making travelling to school dangerous?

Why did people in Pakistan dislike Malala so much just because she went school?

How is war getting in the way of children walking to school?

Why was Malala discriminated against just for wanting to go to school?

Why do some children start school much older in some countries?

How does education help people have a better future?

Why do some countries not like having girls at school?

What if the Pakistan Government spent more money on Education?

How can we help children in Syria get an education?

How can we help to stop conflict destroying schools?

Why do students drop out of school before Year 12?

Why does Australia still have a lot of children not attending school?

How do Syrian schools access resources for education?

Why isn’t the Government of Yemen supplying schools with desks and chairs?

How can students in Nigeria learn with only 40% of teachers qualified?

Why are classroom sizes up to 109 students in Nigeria?

Why are there over 1 Million students in Yemen out of school?

Why do 30% of all students in Yemen go without desks in their classrooms?

Why are teachers regularly absent from school in Yemen?

How can the Government of Madagascar start funding schools again?

If UNICEF gave Zimbabwe schools textbooks, why not other resources?

Why can’t parents in Sudan afford education when attending school is free?

How does Bangladesh cope when natural disasters destroy and damage schools?

Why do 80% of children in Bangladesh only receive two hours of education a day?

If education is free in Morocco, why is there low attendance on rural areas?

Why do white and affluent areas receive a better education than rural and poor areas of South Africa?

Why is attending school compulsory in South Africa?

Why is there hundreds of thousands of girls out of education in Malala’s district?

Why does Pakistan only spend 2% of its countries budget on Education?

Why has Pakistan got the 2nd largest number of children out of school in the world?

Why do more boys attend secondary school in India than girls?

Why are half the girls with disabilities in India not in school?

Why are the reading levels not improving for children in Grade 5 and up in India?

Why is India plagued by unequal access to education?

Why do some children still go to school when there is war all around them?

Why do some classrooms not have chairs and tables?

Why do people destroy children’s schools?

How do children access education if they live far, far away from a school?

How can we help refugee children around the world go to school?

How can we give resources to schools in war zones?

What can the United Nations do to help all children in the world to access education?

How can we help all children in the world get an education?

How is war getting in the way of educating children?

What if we were able to provide transportation to remote areas for all children to attend school?

What if we had the power to change gender discrimination in schools across the world?

What if Camp Zaatari had an English Language School?

Why can’t there be peace, no war near schools?

Why do some schools cost so much to attend?

Why do children need to learn?

Why do children need to go to school?

Why are there schools located in dangerous landscapes?

How could we donate money to refugees and poor families to help all children go to school?

How can we help poor families’ children to attend school?

Why do children attend school in some countries for long hours of the day?

Who makes the law that in some countries that girls can not attend school?

Why can’t people build more schools closer to children’s homes?

How can we make it safe in the world for all girls to go to school?

Why can’t more people donate so we can help more poor schools?

Why do children risk their lives to go to school?

Why is there rich vs poor schools?

How can we get Syrian refugees children back into routine and into school?

How can we stop people from preventing children from going to school?

How can we build a school for refugees in Australia?

Why do boys go to many schools in the world but girls can not?

Why do Malala get targeted just for going to school?

How do some children work in a small classroom with large class sizes?

Why do some schools not take in children with disabilities?

How can we build more schools in Camp Zaatari?

Why do some girls have to marry young instead of going to school?

Why do some schools cost so much to attend?

Why are some countries against children with disabilities going to school?

Why are some girls injured or attacked for going to school?

Why do factories want children to work instead of going to school and hiring adults?

Why do some schools not have many resources?

Why aren’t girls in Pakistan allowed to go to school?

Why do children in some countries have to be treated as slaves?

Why is it so hard for some children to go to school?

Why do some children have to sit on the floor all day in their classrooms?

How can we make teachers understand us?

Why do some countries cultures think having a disability is wrong?

Why do some students have to use bags, lunch boxes etc as a desk?

Why don’t girls go to school in some countries?

Why are genders separated in some schools?



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