Reading: Open Minded Portraits Using Media

Today 3/4J you will be using the media to place yourself in the shoes of Derek Redmond. Choose a moment in the media to make to your own. We will compete a shared example together.

Yesterday many of you retold a story, you did not place yourself in the moment. It is important to use descriptive words to explain feelings and emotions. This clip is extremely emotional so I would hope you could capture this is your Open Minded Portrait.

Today will brainstorm emotions together. You will have to choose between being Derek of his father. Both characters have a string emotional connection you can tap into.

Lets take a look:



  One thought on “Reading: Open Minded Portraits Using Media

  1. Tori
    November 20, 2016 at 11:33 pm

    Dear derek Redmond,
    I think your super doper inspirational because you damaged your leg and new you were going to lose but you got back up and tried your hardest to get back up and run I thought it was beautiful to see you and your dad get along and test yourself I choose you because your the only one that made me nearly cry 😭 with excitement and smile with happiness
    Why didn’t you give up?
    How did it feel to be inspiring?
    From Tori

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