Ss Choose Inquiry Questions: Education Around The World

Nanjera and Goanar – Why do factories in India want children to work instead of going to school?

Maddison, Sharhna, Nyamal – How does education help people to have a better future?

Dominic and Nakeesha – How can we help to stop conflict destroying schools?

Emma and Makiala – If UNICEF gave Zimbabwe schools text books, why not other educational resources?

Lachlan and Jimmy – How is war getting in the way of children walking to school?

Arizona and Bella – Why do students drop out of school before Year 12?

Sarah, Kyan, Dylan – Why do some schools not have many resources?

Tyrone and Siya – Why can’t people in Sudan afford education when going to school is supposed to be free?

Tori and Larissa – How can we get teachers to understand us?

Max and Lavender May – Why are teachers regularly absent from schools in Yemen?

Tahlia and Brandon – How do children access education if they live far, far away from a school?

Betty and Isis – How can students in Nigeria learn with only 40% of teachers qualified?

Travis, Deegan, Jimem – Why do some schools not have enough resources like tables and chairs?

Morgan and Tyson – How do Syrian schools access resources for education?

Mackenzie and Mitchell – Why are some countries against children with disabilities going to school?

Mal and Shakayla – Why do some girls have to marry young instead of going to school?

Ayuen and Olivia C – What if we were able to provide transportation to remote areas for all children?

Yewande and Bailey – Why are some girls injured or attacked for going to school?

Tarlee and Olivia G – How can we give resources to schools in War Zones?





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