BMX Rider Nick Funston Visits Our Class After Returning From Europe #BMX #hero #dreams #education

Today the students of 3/4J has the privilege of meeting a young man that had the courtesy to write the class while competing overseas. Nick Funston is a local Traralgon boy who loves BMX riding and competing in the sport he loves. While he was away the class followed his journey and wrote Nick messages of support. The great bloke he is, Nick wrote back to the class.

After only arriving home at 5am yesterday morning, Nick surprised the class by dropping in to say G’day. On his arrival the students where in awe, Frantically cleaning the room because there was a professional BMX rider out in the corridor. Nick listened to the students read the great writing from earlier in the day and answered many questions. Nick was very impressed by the invite to supply Owen with his phone number or to call into his Owen’s house and then they could go to the skate park together to rise bike together. A beautiful gesture.

We are so thankful to have role models in our community to help young students believe that if the dream big there are always opportunities to succeed.

Thanks Nick from 3/4j and Mrs Joyce.


  One thought on “BMX Rider Nick Funston Visits Our Class After Returning From Europe #BMX #hero #dreams #education

  1. makiala is awesome :);)
    August 25, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Thank you NICK,
    For visiting our classroom and I would like to know if yu can come to our EXPO in our hall in a couple of weeks?

    Thanks again NICK,

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