DIY T-Shirt Book Bags! — Could We Do This 3/4J Thanks For the 20somethingkids and 1kookyteacher #education

As next week is concert week I thought this might be a great idea for us to keep the momentum of the classroom going. At the start of next term we will trial our new #classroombookaday Challenge and our new book bags are a way to promote our challenge to others in the school. Maybe once we have made our bags your could teach another grade.

Take a look and tell me your thoughts in a comment?


Over the summer, at a ELA/STEM learning institute we attended for our district, Ms. Turken and I were talking about what we could do to better encourage at-home reading this year in 1st grade. While we do not necessarily require homework, being a better reader (and becoming a reader at all!) happens by reading. Lots […]

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