Water and Sanitation Inquiry – The Big Picture

Key Points:
1. Sanitation is vital for health.
2. Sanitation is social development.
3. Sanitation is a good economic investment.
4. Sanitation is good for the environment.
5. Sanitation is achievable.

You will:
• Become aware of the centrality of water and sanitation in our daily lives.
• Become familiar with the challenges facing people without ready access to safe water and
• Discuss and better understand the work different organisations are doing to bring water, sanitation, and
hygiene to children.

People all over the world, including millions of children, have no running water or toilets. We are going to watch a video about a community in Niger, a country in Africa. Take a look at the “Map of
Niger.” What do you notice about Niger that might make water supply an issue?
The video will be shown two times. The first time you will just watch, pay special attention to the things you see — the landscape and the machinery.
The second time you watch, you should pay special attention to what the narrator is saying.

Today we want you to think about the crisis of water around the world and think about how you can make a difference to a community or even a country.

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