The Proud Moment Ss Publish Their Writing In A Book About Refugees @refugee #education #writing #books #aussieED #globaledchat

In 2008, I read the story ‘A True Person’ by Gabriann Marin to my class. But I started the story differently. I gave the class a picture of an eye. The eye was a page in the book. I asked them to write a descriptive piece about who they thought the eye belonged to. My class was a grade 5/6 class. Super impressed I recorded their writing pieces and then had them write about the character Zallah after they knew about her.

With a grade that has a deep understanding of refugees I thought I would tackle the same lesson 8 years later with a Grade 3/4 class. The result was mind blowing. I now have two books that have been published for the class to read. I have my own copies to cherish.


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