One thought on “Ss In 3/J Love Helping Promote @JoySunBear With Their Work #education #globaled #travel #aussieEd

  1. joysunbear
    November 2, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    Wow 3/4J!! Your coloring pages look AMAZING! 😀👏🏻 And so happy to see Mrs. Joyce enjoying the coloring pages too! We are glad to see that you enjoyed learning about Chile with Joy. What did you enjoy learning most about Chile? What ways do you think you can help the environment and places like Chile from your home? Do you remember how old the yareta plant is? Please feel free to make comments on the bottom of Joy’s blogs so he and others can see all that you are learning and how you enjoy his adventures. 😊 We always love seeing your guys work and smiling faces. 😀💕 Thanks to your wonderful teacher for bringing us into your classroom and for sharing your awesome creations!! Much love, Joy Sun Bear Team

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