Unpacking A Senses Seed — Iguana Vs Snakes – Earth Planet 2 #education #writing #globaled

3/4J this is a horrible video but it is amazing at the same time. David Attenborough is a famous nature movie maker and he filmed this amazing piece on the Galapagos Islands.

Today we are going to use this video thanks to Mr Andrew presenting it to his class, as a seed to write a descriptive piece. Here will be your sentence starters. You are the Iguana.

As I …….

I can hear the ……

I feel the ………

I wonder ……

Could I …….

I finally see ……

Next time I will ……..

Today you are going to use this amazing video to unpack a senses seed. Watch the seed very carefully and imagine you are the iguana being chased by snakes. Once you have completed the seed, you will begin a descriptive piece of writing about the video.

via Senses seed — 3/4A CLASSROOM 2016


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