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One of my greatest passions is to teach. Teaching allows me to change the lives of children, to make then worthy citizens; how to show empathy and to know about the world.

Everyday I step into my classroom, no matter how tough the day is, I love what I do. I am challenged, I am loved , I am respected and I am at times the one person that is continuous in a child’s life.

Over the past few years I have taken a journey that I could have only dreamt about. A journey that has taught me about humanity and the need for all children to have an education. I wanted to share my love of the world with my students, but wasn’t sure how.

Three years ago I learnt to use a computer, I built a blog and I practice and explored every night. I taught myself new strategies, learnt about education around the world. Found out that my students were capable of so much more.

As I sit here typing I reflect on my achievements. Travelling to Qatar on my own, meeting new people and then presenting my work, something I had never done before. Surprising how many people were interested. The following years I took my story to Argentina and then last year to Brazil. In-between I was able to teach and work with teachers in China and India. Who would of thought a classroom teacher from Country Victoria, Australia could be making an impact on the world.

My day never ends, I teach all day and I research all night. Always finding new ways to engage my students. My passion outweighs my need for sleep sometimes. I have been lucky enough be trialling new education programs with and which I am so honoured. But, it is my direct work and my absolute belief in  that drives my need to build a global classrooms for my student to learn in. I believe Every classroom should be a Kutoa classroom.

I am so proud of my class this year and what they have achieved. They are truly global. Whether is be the journey and pain of the Syrian refugees or the families around the world lacking water they know about it and they want to make change. I can not shout out loud enough the need to make change in your classroom and connect your students to the world. It will change their lives and yours. Just like it has me.

My website helps teachers around the world see what they can do in their classrooms. I just wish I could promote it more but this is not important. Changing a children’s life and being there for them every day is was matters.

Here is a video I found thanks to a new fellow educator Michael Drezek. I found the clip on his website he shared with me Take a look at I wonder if you see what I see. A big world just waiting to be explored. If we don’t integrate the world into our classrooms some children will never ever know there is actually a world out there that they can be part of.


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