DREAMS & SUPERPOWERS: A SOUTH AFRICAN STORY – Via @JoelArtista #education #art #globaledchat #aussieED#inspiration

Joel Bergner is Our Global Classroom’s favourite world Artist. His work with communities all over the world. His imagery speaks about the anguish many people share and the the successes they cherish. I recommend everyone get involved with Joel’s work. He is an inspiration to the students of 3/4J year after year and an absolute inspiration to everyone whose heart he touches with his artwork.


In late September, I headed to South Africa to facilitate a community mural project at an orphanage in Johannesburg. My wife and frequent collaborator, CJ, joined me as the project manager and co-facilitator. This was the last of a series of four projects in 2016 for the Adding Color to Lives youth arts initiative in […]

via Dreams & Superpowers: A South African Story — Joel Artista


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