Australia’s Kenny Koala Is Loving His Gap Year With @BES_Murphy ‘s Class In Kentucky, USA #Globaledchat #aussieED

The Adventures Of Kenny Koala

Before christmas Mrs Joyce and 3/4J has the pleasure of hosting their own Global Project – Christmas Around The World. After a fabulous month of learning about Russia, Canada and different parts of the USA Mrs Joyce sent off some friends to take a Gap year somewhere in the world.

Kenny Koala landed in Kentucky, USA and was lucky enough to meet Mrs Murphy and her class. He was spoilt spending christmas at Mrs Murphy’s home. Schools in America are not on long summer holidays like Australia so poor Kenny has to head back to school this week to learn some more.

This week he has been hanging out with a new reptile friend, a frilled necked lizard. I wonder if the new students of 3/4J will be able to research further about frilled necked lizard to understand about them just like Kenny.

Mrs Joyce is so thankful to Mrs Murphy for keeping us up to date in Kenny’s adventures she looks forward to learning so much more about Burlington and Mrs Murphy’s classroom and all the cool learning they do.

You can follow all of Kenny’s adventures by following @BES_Murphy on Twitter.


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