Travelling Teddies, Connecting Classrooms Around The World @room_Ten #education #globaledchat #aussieED

One of the first ideas presented to me about connecting globally was to exchange a travelling teddy. After many years of trialling this, I still couldn’t connect with a class that truly understood the real benefit of the teddy becoming the global educators.

The use of a travelling teddy can come in the form of many ideas. You could send a teddy native to your country, for example I like to send Koala’s or Kangaroo’s. This teddies visit for a school year and learn about the classroom, town and country cultures. It is a way for students to also learn responsibilities of caring for something that is precious and that has beens sent to them for learning purposes.

I like to use the teddy to learn about my students, sending it home as a visitor on a weekend. Student can then write about their experience, take photos if they wish and teach others about life in their country. Classes can prepare books, use technology to share images but most of all they can connect with another class somewhere in the world.

Currently I have two travelling teddies in classrooms. Kenny Koala is visiting Mrs Murphy’s class in Kentucky, USA and Kangaroo Jack in visiting Room Ten in Manitoba, Canada. Both teacher are experience global advocates and use the teddy to integrate learning into their classrooms.

You can see by the images that this form of global connection can work for all ages, it just depends on what level of creativity you would like to engage the students with in their learning.


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