#athirstforhome@christineieron Teaches Us About Water Around The World #inspirational @m_drz

Today I read a book ‘A Thirst For Home’ about family from the States who adopted a young Ethiopian Daughter who carried water every day. Eva had a beautiful mother but life in Ethiopia was hard at times for the family, lacking food and water.

Christine Ieronimo is Eva’s adopted mother and the inspirational author of ‘A Thirst For Home’. Mrs Joyce has been lucky enough to connect with Christine and speak directly about her book and her daughter.

As we read the students of 3/4J connected with the story after learning about the water crisis around the world. We looked on the world map for Ethiopia and then the USA.

We hope to skype with Christine in the coming weeks to make our learning real. She is a lady I am so proud to have the chance to connect with, and Mrs Joyce hope she can learn so much more about the world from Christine and Eva.

Here is picture of Christine with her beautiful Tseganesh, Eva’s older birth sister, who remained in Ethiopia. She was Christine’s inspiration. Tseganesh walked for water every day.


3/4J we are going to look at a video of Christine while she was in Ethiopia and see how we can connect it to the story. Today in our we are going to prepare questions for Christine that Mrs Joyce will tweet to her on the social media called Twitter we have been learning about.


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