Ss Design The February Kindness Challenge Bulletin Board @the_kind_club #tkcLiddiard @m_drez @room_ten #globaled

Kindness Challenge Australia

Welcome 3/4J to the world of Kindness Challenges. Many classrooms across America and participating in the challenge with us. We will check @the_kind_clubs posts to see what is happening in these Classrooms.

This months challenge is:

So here is the challenge… Make a “THROW KINDNESS LIKE CONFETTI” bulletin board somewhere in your classroom! It can be as big as the ones in our school hallways OR as little as an 8×10 piece of paper on your fridge. As the month goes on, we encourage you to put your acts of kindness up on the board as “confetti.” Need some inspiration for some acts? 3/4J this week you are going to design the Bulletin and one of your designs will be placed on display in the corridor where we will fill the board with lots of acts of kindness.

Here are some examples to help you designs. You must have “THROW KINDNESS LIKE CONFETTI” in your design.


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