Sarah Surprises Mrs Joyce With A @buncee Logo for #ourglobalclassroom

I feel so honoured to be a teacher teaching the students I get to see everyday. I never have a class that disappoints me. They challenge me but never disappoint me. I look forward to their smily faces everyday and the stories they tell. I love that Georgia is my new class masseur and Brock was lending her a hand today. I love the hugs, I love the kind words, I love the fact that I can bring the world to my students.

Sarah is a beautiful young girl who I have the pleasure of teaching for a second year. She barely says a word in class but she works so hard. Today I watched her excel on the technology tool Buncee I introduced to her. What I gave Sarah was a licence to be creative and look what she surprised me with.

A logo and banner for Our Global Classroom, absolutely made my day!



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