While In Hawaii Mrs Joyce Will Visit Mid Pacific Pre/K Elementary School #globaled #education #excited

Mrs Joyce will head off on Saturday for her Cruise to Hawaii. It will take 20 days to get from Sydney to Honolulu. While in Honolulu Mrs Joyce will visit two of her friends Mrs Jacobs and Mrs Kurashige. She is so lucky she will see the schools Kite flying day, I hope she takes lots of pictures. Mrs Joyce would like to know all about the school. Take a look at the website

In the comments section tell Mrs Joyce anything you can find out about the school she will visit and what might she see. What questions would you like Mrs Joyce to ask the students and the teachers while she is there visiting.



  One thought on “While In Hawaii Mrs Joyce Will Visit Mid Pacific Pre/K Elementary School #globaled #education #excited

  1. Hayley
    April 14, 2017 at 6:37 am

    I found that the guiding principle of the school is children first. a children first philosophy embodies the fact that every child is uniquely valued, has multiple strengths, and can learn successfully.
    These educational belief statements support the Children First philosophy:
    Learning occurs naturally when it is meaningful, purposeful, and connected to the discovery of self in relation to god, family, community, and the world.

    I think that Mrs Joyce will see lots of kites in a competition. I think that in the competition there will be best decorated, best tricks, and best flying award winners, otherwise, more.

    my question is: how many children are there in the whole school?

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